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Utilizing the momentum generated by the success of Desert Discovery, The Lied Discovery Children’s Museum’s contracted with Exhibit A to generate an entire new Exhibitions Masterplan. It covers 30,000 square feet of interpretive public space and targets an audience of families with children ages birth to 12. The masterplanning core team included the Museum’s Executive Director, Director of Exhibitions, Director of Public Relations, as well as periodic reviews with the Board of Directors, Director of Visitor Services and key stakeholderswithin the Museum’s membership. The process included the complete redesign of all of the Museum’s exhibition floors into a thematic superstructure with ten new interactive exhibitions. It also included the development of a new signage and wayfinding program
and the execution of a Front End Evaluation with members of the Museum’s Board, complete staff, membership and key community stakeholders including children.

In process | 30,000 sq ft

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