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A project team needs to have talent and heart

Exhibit A Design Group has created a company of people experienced with bringing information into new realms, and of people who think of themselves as caretakers, stewards and advocates for the projects in which they work. Each of our projects becomes a full experience for our staff, and we believe that to create an exhibition is to live it a little. To become it a little.

Masterful exhibitions make deep and lasting impacts on their audiences

Interactive exhibitions present the unique possibility of being many things at once, and when done well can truly achieve the status of being transformative and inspiring. There is a great power within people’s experiences and relatioships to objects, words, nature, music, art, drama,myth and each other. Great exhibitions craft these elements into a space that allows the meanings within them to unfold visitor by visitor, experience by experience.

A project is only as good as its process

With every project, we work with our clients to craft their content into an experience that is meaningful, relevant and memorable to its intended audience. We believe that truly successful exhibitions are the result of intelligent, logical, clearly articulated and loving processes that never lose sight of the audience.

The management of a project should work like good choreography an orchestration that enables each team member to shine

A thoughtful project manager not only provides the framework and parameters for keeping a project on time and on budget, but enables team members to know how and where to participate. We believe that clear, challenging, fun and thoughtful project management brings forth products that exceed expectations.

Effective communication is the key t o every successful relationship

Exhibit A uses a variety of tools to ensure that communication is happening effectively throughout the course of a project. Clarity of roles, responsibilities, and the plan of action, enable a team to build trust, allowing for individuals to experience the joy that can be had when creating something new and meaningful with others that share their passion.

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